Preparing You for Your Dream School

Our program is designed to connect the best students from around the world with the best mentors.

Our fundamental belief is that the path to a top university involves rigorous academics, compelling extracurriculars, and mentorship from recent graduates.

Set Yourself Apart

Our mentoring not only helps you revise your essays, but also teaches you how to think for yourself.

We Know What Works

Our mentors successfully applied to your dream schools and exemplify strategies that work.

An Updated Perspective

Mentors have recent and relevant insights since they are currently students on your dream campus.

We Bring Out Your Best

All of our past students have been accepted into at least one U.S. Top 30 University.

How Does This Work?

1-on-1 Mentorship Online

  • Speak with a mentor in real-time over our online video chat platform
  • All online sessions are recorded so that important points can be reviewed
  • Accountability of mentors is ensured

1. Match Yourself With Potential Mentors

Candidates interested in the program will choose three potential mentors and fill out a report about themselves.

2. Free 30-minute Demo Session

Matched mentors will speak with the potential student over video call to demonstrate services.

3. Initial Assessment Report

Receive a FREE Initial Assessment Report based on student scores and hard skills.

4. Comprehensive Assessment Report

Receive a qualitative assessment based on student personality and soft skills.

5. Five Online Sessions

Student will work 1-on-1 with his or her mentor over five sessions interspersed with feedback reports & homework.

6. Final Assessment Report

Receive an end of service report for student with suggestions for success.

For Freshmen to Juniors

  • ThinkBIG Project, where mentors will guide the student through a personal project to demonstrate his or her passions.
  • Activities Mentoring
  • Essay Guidance

For Seniors:

  • Essay Guidance & Feedback
  • Interview Preparation
  • School Selection Advice

All Students Will Gain:

  • Initial, Comprehensive & Final Assessment Reports
  • Insights and value of working with a mentor for 5 or more hours online.
  • Feedback on work such as essays, personal statements, interview responses, etc.
  • A renewed confidence and understanding of the college application process.
"Working with Mentor Elizabeth has been an amazing experience! She really brought out the best in me and taught me what aspects of myself to emphasize in my college application."
Li - Harvard admit 2014

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