GoDaddy launches .xyz domain auction


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GoDaddy launches .xyz domain auction


GoDaddy, the world's largest domain registrar, has recently introduced new domain extensions to its auction platform, including .xyz, .vip and .io . This means that domain investors can now bid on expired .xyz domains that were previously registered by other users.

GoDaddy是世界上最大的域名注册商,最近在其拍卖平台上引入了新的域名扩展,包括.xyz,.vip和.io 。这意味着域名投资者现在可以竞标过期的.xyz域名,这些域名之前是由其他用户注册的。

According to GoDaddy, .xyz is one of the most popular new domain extensions, with over 3 million registrations worldwide. It is also widely used by startups, celebrities and influencers, such as Google's Alphabet (, rapper Lil Uzi Vert ( and social media star Logan Paul (

根据GoDaddy的说法,.xyz是最受欢迎的新域名扩展之一,在全球拥有超过300万的注册量。它也被很多创业公司,名人和影响者广泛使用,比如谷歌的Alphabet (,说唱歌手Lil Uzi Vert (和社交媒体明星Logan Paul (。

However, not everyone is convinced that .xyz has the same investment value as .com, which is still the undisputed king of domains. Some critics argue that .xyz is too generic and lacks branding potential, while others point out that .xyz domains are often sold at very low prices or given away for free, which dilutes their value and reputation.


So, is GoDaddy's launch of .xyz domain auction a way to cut investors' leeks? The answer may depend on your perspective and strategy. If you are looking for short-term profits or flipping domains quickly, you may find it hard to compete with the low prices and high supply of .xyz domains. However, if you are looking for long-term value or building a brand with a catchy and memorable name, you may discover some hidden gems in the .xyz domain space.